Stichpimpuli bockforcelorum Herbal Liqueur 0,7l Flasche

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    The name is composed of abbreviations of the following herbs and roots extracts:

    Stichos means: a large quantity of  a lot of herbs extracts;
    Pimpernuß (bladder nut) of the pimpernel, gentle accompany;
    Pulque, the agave juice, gives a lot of power;
    Liebstöckel (lovage) and Ligusterstrauch (privet hedge) also give their taste;
    Bocksdorn (boxthorn) as well as Bockshornklee (fenugreek) are as healthy as aloe;
    Forle (pine) - Kiefern (pine tree) ? juice of the redwood (Föhren) absolutely belong into;
    Cerealie ? called cereal known as rye;
    Lotus aßen mit Behagen, schon bei Homer die Lotophagen;
    Rum, des Zuckerrohres Saft, dem Likör die Rundung schafft.
    (Lotus was eaten with great pleasure by the Lotophagen; rum, juice of sugarcane,  round the liqueur)

    So geht der Name stets im Ohr um, zum Leibgetränk ich erkor drum, was  empfiehlt ein hohes Forum.
    (So the name is always in the ear and I chose it as my favorite drink which is always on my mind)

    Alcohol content: 35,0% vol.

    Age restriction: According to the Youth Protection Act, we deliver only to persons over 18 years of age. The buyer confirms with the placing of the order.

    Place of origin: Germany

    Inverkehrbringer: Klosterbrennerei zu Kloster Walkenried GmbH, Dankerserstr. 34, 31737 Rinteln

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