Red Bull Cola 24 x 0,25l can

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    Red Bull Cola is a particular composition at content-materials, altogether 100% of natural origin.
    The only cola that uses both the original Kola nut and the Coca leaf. Without phosphoric acid, no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. Why did Red Bull make a Cola? Why not? And because Red Bull believes that cola should be made from all natural ingredients only. The result is Red Bull Cola: strong & natural. With a special formula that gives it its all natural taste that's typically strong and not too sweet. For those who prefer a natural cola.

    Red Bull Cola is a member of the Red Bull family, but it is not an energy drink. It is a very special cola. With ingredients from 100% natural sources, it is the only cola that contains both coca leaf extract and kola nut. This cola has no secret formula, it contains:

        Cola Nut    Coca leaf    Galangal    Cloves    Cinnamon    Cardamon    Pine    Field Mint    Vanilla Pods    Ginger    Mace    Cocoa
        Liquorice    Orange    Mustard Seed    Lemon & Lime
    Water, Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Caramel Sugar Syrup, Natural Flavourings from Plant Extracts (0.37%): Galangal, Vanilla, Mustard Seeds, Caffeine from Coffee Beans (0.013%), Lime, Kola Nut, Cocoa, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Lemon, Ginger, Coca Leaf, Orange, Corn Mint, Pine, Cardamom, Mace, Clove, Lemon Juice Concentrate

    Best before date: at least 120 days or more

    Deposit note: Returnable cans can be returned in many german drinks stores or in german supermarkets. You get back the deposit of 0.25 Euro per can. A return to us, can be done also, the resulting shipping costs have to be taken by your own.

    Ingredients: Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, caramel sugar syrup, natural flavors on plant extracts 0,37%, galangal vanilla beans, mustard seeds, caffeine from coffee beans 0,013%, lime, cola nut, cocoa, licorice, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, Coca Leaf, Orange, field mint, pine, cardamom, mace, clove, lemon juice concentrate

    Caffeine content: With caffeine

    Warning: Containing dye and antioxidant

    Place of origin: Austria

    Deposit for one tray: 6,00 Euro

    Deposit for one can: 0,25 Euro

    Inverkehrbringer: Red Bull GmbH, Am Brunnen 1, 5330 Fuschl am See. Österreich

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