Münsterland Latte Fantastico 24 x 0,25l cans

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    Whether at home or on the road, at work or in your leisure time - for the cool treat in between there Münsterland Latte Fantastico, the lifestyle drink for young and active consumers, in a practical, non-deposit Slimline can.

    Our Latte Fantastico is the ideal companion - easy to take, absolutely trendy, and simply delicious .

    For those who want to enjoy anytime, anywhere a little break .

    Our product promise

    •     the perfect coffee / chocolate speciality
    •     in a practical, cool can on the go

    Ice cafe drink with soluble coffee, milk, sugar and low-fat cocoa heat treated (sterilized).
    One can contains 130 mg of caffeine, comparable to 2 cups of coffee (150 ml each).
    Milk permeate of skim milk, whole milk (35 %), drinking water, sugar, instant coffee (1.4%), low fat cocoa powder, stabilizer: sodium carbonate.

    Average nutritional values ??per 100 ml

    239 kJ / 57 kcal


    1,3 g

    dav. ges. Fettsäuren

    0,8 g


    9,8 g

    davon Zucker

    9,8 g


    1,4 g


    0,1 g

    Best before date: at least 120 days or more

    Deposit note: Returnable cans can be returned in many german drinks stores or in german supermarkets. You get back the deposit of 0.25 Euro per can. A return to us, can be done also, the resulting shipping costs have to be taken by your own.

    Ingredients: Whole milk, skim milk, sugar, fat cocoa powder (1.6%), stabilizers (cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose).

    Allergens: Contains milk and lactose

    Place of origin: Germany

    Deposit for one can: 0,25 Euro