Jever Pilsener 24 x 0,5l can

Jever Pilsener 24 x 0,5l can Jever Pilsener 24 x 0,5l can
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    Jever Pilsner - the classic Frisian Pilsner with its very own bitter taste.

    Jever Pilsner comes from Jever. And Jever is located in a very special part of Germany: in Friesland. The weather, the air, the light, and not least the raw climate have shaped the Frisian landscape and Jever Pilsner.

    The secret of its unique taste lies in its brewing water which is extracted from the same well today as over 100 years ago. The spring's water is extraordinarily pure and soft. It allows the brew master to add a hint more hops. This is how the bitter Frisian character is achieved, which differentiates Jever from other beers, and is reminiscent of the original Frisian landscape from the very first sip.

    There is hardly any other premium beer that has stayed so true to itself as Jever. For over 160 years Jever has been cultivating its very own bitter Frisian taste. As is the land, so is Jever. Frisian bitter.

    Best before date: at least 90 days or more

    Deposit note: Returnable cans can be returned in many german drinks stores or in german supermarkets. You get back the deposit of 0.25 Euro per can. A return to us, can be done also, the resulting shipping costs have to be taken by your own.

    Ingredients: Brewing water, barley malt, hops.

    Allergens: Cereals containing gluten (barley) and gluten-containing cereals.

    Alcohol content: 4,9% vol.

    Age restriction: According to the Youth Protection Act, we deliver only to persons over 18 years of age. The buyer confirms with the placing of the order.

    Place of origin: Germany

    Deposit for one tray: 6,00 Euro

    Deposit for one can: 0,25 Euro

    Inverkehrbringer: Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever KG, ein Unternehmen der Radeberger Gruppe, Elisabethufer 18, 26441 Jever

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